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Ray Gant Receives King Week Award

"Ray Gant Receives King Week Award to "Pay tribute to those who make local neighborhoods the 'beloved community' " - January 11, 2012

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Activist offers free grass-cutting for needy seniors

"Philly Corners" in The Philadelphia Inquirer - June 2010

In his job of helping people fix up their homes, Ray Gant encountered another need: overgrown lawns and backyards. And for the city's seniors, he's offering to tame them free.

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Red Hot and Blue

The Philadelphia Inquirer - February 2008

Candidates Snubbed Experts on Crime - By Linn Washington, Jr.

From the Philadelphia Tribune - April 3, 2007

Raymond Gant expected to hear information and insights when he went to the meeting in North Philly last week for a forum featuring mayoral candidates.

However, Gant left the forum feeling insulted because most of the major candidates seeing the Democratic mayoral nomination didn't show up.

Sponsors of the forum said all candidates had received invitations and confirmed their attendance.

Earth Angels in the City

The Westside Weekly - November 12-18, 2004

There are indeed "Earth Angels," people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

On Friday, November 19th from 6 - 10 pm at the Beautiful View Banquet Facilities located 800 N. Broad Street (the former Traffic Court Building), 11 Philadelphia-area "angels" will be honored at the Harvest Fest Recognition Dinner.

Commentary - Sunday Rock Climber Ascends to a Higher Calling in N. Phila.

He found religion, sort of, in helping make poor people's homes more livable.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer - December 5, 2003
By Tom Krattenmaker

My friend Willard Bostock used to devote his Sundays to high-adventure sports -- kayaking, snowboarding, ice and rock climbing. When he wasn't using the time in pursuit of action, Sunday was his chance to work on home improvement projects at his house along the Delaware River in Yardley. From September through January, of course, Sunday was for watching the Eagles.