The Ray of Hope Project

Hello Again!

Hello Again People of Philadelphia!!

I Ray Gant have been in service in my community since returning back home in 1998. The Ray of Hope Project was founded in 2002 almost 16 years ago. Since that time TROHP have assisted Thousands of people in our neighborhoods here in the City of Philadelphia to help provide a Better Quality of Life. If you have been touched by this organization and what we do to serve our community then "GET ON BOARD" for something greater then ourselves know that the Love of God is real. You all seen the look on your children face this Christmas when you felt that all HOPE WAS GONE, The Ray of Hope Project was able to provide. Come join The Ray of Hope Project Movement for Cleaner, Safer & Healthier Neighborhoods,Come join The Ray of Hope Project to collect 15,000 old Shoes & Sneakers that will provide new items for Struggling Families this year in 2018.. Thank You for your time in this matter. As TROHP Continues To Take Back Our Neighborhoods One Block At A Time!!

My Warmest Regards,
Ray Gant