The Ray of Hope Project

Frankford Running on the Fast Track to Revitalization Article of December 27, 2012

"'It all starts with a broom", said Raymond 'Ray of Hope' Gant, a former North Philly drug dealer who spent most of the '90s in prison but has spent all of the 2000s helping struggling business corridors like Frankford's get clean.

"'When you clean up your house and your house is clean, the bugs go other places,' said Gant. 'Human nature's no different, understand?'

"Gant leads a volunteer army of ex-offenders, recovering addicts and community-minded residents on a daily war against Frankford Avenue trash.

"'Shopping on a clean avenue instead of a dirty one is like being out scuffling and hustling and bustling all day, coming home, taking a nice shower and putting on your body fragrances.' said Gant, who works for the Frankford Community Development Corp. 'You feel better.'"

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